The Story of Kilburn Cars

The story of Kilburn Cars began in a converted house in Glen Eden over 20 years ago by Brett Kilburn, who was then a full time fire fighter.

Brett's famous catch phrase is "I'll stake my name on it". This is not something that is simply a marketing phrase, rather it embodies our business philosophy which is about people and promise.

Brett spent 11 years working as a full time fire fighter and there learnt some core values which he has applied in all facets of life and business. Values like "trust", "teamwork", "integrity" and "commitment" are values that we strive to apply to our business every day.

We believe our cars are of the best quality you will find anywhere.

Brett credits this to the fact that he was never a great salesman, out of a score of 10 he rates himself a 1. He knew he would never be able to convince someone a car was a good one unless it was!!

Brett learnt the art of buying top quality cars, it's not difficult, but it's surprising how many dealers struggle with it. Many dealers set out to buy cars cheap - and they succeed!

Kilburn Cars has now grown to be an established automotive identity. Brett's three children have been in the used cars business since birth and are all working for their father to continue the family name and offer the quality and service the Kilburn Cars brand is synonymous with.

With a huge range of hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, people movers and 4x4 vehicles in stock there is a vehicle for everyone. Come and visit us today at 676 Great South Road in Manukau and 42 Wilkinson Road in Ellerslie.

Kilburn Cars Manakau 2014

Kilburn Cars Manakau 2012